Prúð is a daughther of Númi frá Þóroddsstöðum and mother is Kveikj from Stóra-Hof

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Nótt and her rider Teitur did a good job competing together in summer of 2014, they managed to go to middelrounds at Landsmót in A class. Nótt was one of only five mares who made it into middelrounds, she and Teitur ended up in 23rd place. This same pair got 2 place in Gæðingamót at riding club  Smári and we aim to continue with this queen of ours in competition both fivegait and tolt.

Sylgja is a daughter of the famous Orri from Þúfa and her mother is Litbrá from Dalsmynni.

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Sandra from Jaðar, sire is Vífill from Dalsmynni and dam is Glóð from Fet.


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Glóð from Fet is our main breeding mare, she has already(2014) given us eight 1st price offsprings.

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Gyðja from Gýgjarhóll, mother is Skerpla from Gýgjarhóll and father Safír from Viðvík.

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Ylfa from Stóra-Hof is after Óður frá Brún and the mother is Hremmsa from Stóra-Hof.

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