Rjóð from Jaðar was the highest judged 5 year old mare at a breeding show in Hella with rider Flosi Ólafsson. Flosi and Rjóð did also compete in A class at Gæðinga tournament in horse club Smári in A finals she got 8.80 for tolt.

Védís and her rider Ólafur Ásgreisson had a very good competition period in 2014. They ended up in 12th place at Landsmót in tolt, also they had already won the right to compete in B finals with the score 8,52 but unfortunately they lost a shoe in the preliminary round. The pair also did well at Icelandic championship, 3rd place at Suðurlandsmót in tolt and got over 8 in the finals where they ended up in second place in B finals on the famous Metamót in B class.

Dáð and her rider Guðmundur Björgvinsson did well at Landsmót, they ended up in 20th place in B class gæðinga. Dáð did win the B class at gæðingamót of the riding club Smári. Last but not least, she ended the summer 2014 by getting to A finals at Metamót. A great result for only a 7year old mare.